School Policies » Dress Code and Electronic Device Policy

Dress Code and Electronic Device Policy


 Suzanne’s dress code provides students freedom and choice regarding the clothes they wear to school, while seeking to foster and support an academic environment. With this in mind, students are prohibited from any form of dress that:

 1. Affects the safety of that student or others.

 2. Is disruptive to the learning environment and to the learning process.

 3. Indicates affiliation with or admiration of negative social influences such as gangs, cults and/or substance abuse.

 4. Would allow for the concealment of anything that should not be at school.

 With these in mind, the school does not allow students to wear*:

 1. Clothing with logos or slogans that depict substance abuse, violence, anti-social behaviors, or   language inappropriate for school.

 2. Open-toed shoes, slippers, or backless shoes.  

 3. Skirts or shorts that are too short and/or ripped out, and skirts that are split too high.

 4. Pajamas and/or blankets.

 5. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs (stomachs), 'cut out' and sheer tops, tube tops,      or  clothing worn in a manner that reveals undergarments.

 6. Accessories, including spikes, safety pins or chains, or jewelry that is unsafe in size,              shape or placement; emblems, badges, symbols, signs, bandana, or any          other items which may be gang related.

 7. Oversized pants or shorts worn below the waist, commonly known as sagging, and/or ripped out  jeans or shorts.

 8. Oversized shirts and athletic jerseys; length may not extend below students’ fingertips.

 9. Belts that hang down the front.

 10. Socks pulled up to meet the hemline of shorts.

 11. Hats not worn in the manner for which they were designed (example…a baseball hat with the bill facing backward).  Hats are not to be worn indoors.  Because it is important   for student's  face to be visible, the wearing of hoods is prohibited. 

 * This dress code also applies to P.E. clothes.

Electronic Devices:
As required by law, student may bring cell phones to school.  However, cell phones and media devices are to be turned off during the school day (7:35am to 2:00pm), unless the teacher has clearly stated students may use them for educational purposes.  If a cell phone becomes a disruption, it may be confiscated by the staff member and detention assigned.  Parents may be called to to pick up the device from the Assistant Principal if student has been previously warned.